In the past 20 years, Hebei Dafabet官方网站 Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd has kept paces with the time, with the concept of continuous innovation, has had continuous adjustment of product structure. Dafabet官方网站 has constantly strengthened the comprehensive competition, and has constantly improved enterprise management level. The most important thing is that Dafabet官方网站 has formed the enterprise culture with its own element and its personality.

Development concepts  
makes the development of circular economy and the construction of green enterprise

Development vision   Create A First-class Enterprise and Build A Century-old Dafabet官方网站

Development strategy  
Implementa the high quality goods, deep procession core businesses strengthening, the management diversifying, collectivizing operation and the business transformation and upgrading

Employment philosophy Culture attract talented person to cultivate talent and talent




Our company will take "building a social public enterprise with socially respected, common development of employees and enterprise,fulfilment of social responsibility " as a strategic goal, actively fulfill our social responsibility, donate money for education, counter poverty., is keen on charity and the total donation amount more than 50 million yuan,which provide a strong support for solving the urban employment and rural surplus labor, make great contribution to build a harmonious society and development of economic construction.



Dafabet官方网站 Group party commission was set up in 2003 with 13party branches, including labor union,women federation and other organizations.Party commission takes full advantage of party organizations and party groups to deploy various culutre and sport events,help the employees who are in trouble,motivate the employees' morale,stimulate employees confidence. So the employees could grow with the company.