Production Safety


During the producing,all member of the enterprise remember the concept of "safety resonsibility is weightier than Mount Tai"and the enterprise has set up security management network with six levels.The first class of the workers entering into the factory is safety education.For the safety,the company regularly carries out safety knowledge contest and safety trainings to improve the safety awareness of the whole staff and has established the safety culture with Dafabet官方网站 characteristics.

Green environmental protection


The company has invested more than RMB95 million  to build the control center of energy management system which covers the whole process of enterprise(EMS).It also has invested more than  RMB100 million to set up two new production lines,namely water slag superfine powder of blast furnace whose annual processing quantity is 0.6 million tons ans steel slag superfine powder of blast furnace whose annual processing quantity is 0.3 million tons.In this way,it has formed ability of dealing with the iron and steel slag composite powder of 0.9 million annually so as to achieve the recycling of water slag and steel slag.The company discharge with emission standard and suppress dusts strictly in accordance with the requirement of environmental protection.The dust collection coverage has reached 100%.Physical cutting method of "the Flue gas bypass removal"of sulfur removal with sintering machine is go-ahead in Hebei Province.The sintering desulfurization efficiency has reached 91.9%.It can reduce 13 thousand tons sulfur dioxide annually.8 sets of on-line monitoring system have connected with provincial environmental protection department.It has realized automatic real-time transmisson, andemission information open automatically.

Energy conservation and economic


Blast furnace gas,converter gas,sintering waste heat and blast furnace excessive pressure and so on can be fully utilized.Coal gas power,TRT power,BPRT power and power self-generation rate all have achieved more than 60%.

Cleaning production


The company takes"To build green enterprise"as its own duty.It has devoted itself to creating the iron and steel enterprise to be ecological and garden-like enterprise.It considers clean production as the concept.It vigorously shapes the environmental protection consciousness of"Greening the places if they can be greened,hardening the places if they can not be greened,planting trees,flowers and grass if possible if the places can not be plat trees".It was reached more than 45% green area by planting trees,and flowers.

Quality management


The company has established a relatively a relatively perfect test and inspection sysem.And it has equipped with modern teating and inspection equipped with modern teating and inspection equipment such as inductively coupled plasma atomic emission spectrometer,X fluorescence analyser, direct reading spectrometer,carbon and sulphur analyzer,sulfur determination analyser, industrial analyser,metallographic microscope and image analysis system,electronic universal testing machine with microcomputer control,lectro-hydraulic servo universal testing machine with microcomputer control,bending testing machine,pendulum impact testing machine with microcomputer control,impact specimen electric broaching machine,universal cutting machine,metallographic specimen inlaying machine,double-disk metallographic specimen four-speed polish-grinding machine,hydraulic plate shearing machine, spectral mill prototype,pectra cutting machine, jaw crusher and so on.It can provide the quality data information of the raw material and final profucts very quickly,accurately and timely.