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        Hebei Dafabet官方网站 Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd was founded in 1993.It is located in Wu'an city of hebei province.It is one of the large-scale private steel and iron enterprises with the longest industrial chain in Hebei Province. Its production capacity is 5.15 million tons(in which cold rolled plate is 1.5 million tons). Main products are cold rolled plate, pickling board,annealed panel,aluminum and zinc sillicon board,hot-rolled plate and hot rolled ribbed steel bars. It has achieved the following honors, such as "National Credit Enterprise","National Quality Credit Enterprise","The National Quality Credit Enterprise with AAA level","Good Quality Products in Hebei Province",China Top 500 Companies, China Top 500 Manufacturing Enterprises and Top 100 strongest Enterprises in Hebei Province.

        In the past 20 years, Hebei Dafabet官方网站 Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd has kept paces with the time, with the concept of continuous innovation, has had continuous adjustment of product structure. Dafabet官方网站 has constantly strengthened the comprehensive competition, and has constantly improved enterprise management level. The most important thing is that Dafabet官方网站 has formed the enterprise culture with its own element and its personality. Hebei Dafabet官方网站 Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd. makes the development of circular economy and the construction of green enterprise as development concepts.It takes"Create A First-class Enterprise and Build A Century-old Dafabet官方网站" as its development vision.It takes the implementation of the high quality goods, deep procession core businesses strengthening, the management diversifying, collectivizing operation and the business transformation and upgrading as development strategy.It takes great efforts to create a social public enterprise with the comprehensive competition and highly esteemed.Dafabet官方网站 likes to search for mutual development of enterprises and employees and take more social responsibility. It is based on the Central Plains facing the whole china and likes to walking towards the world."The strategic target will surely promote Dafabet官方网站 to realize scientific,harmonious,healthy and sustainable development in the future.

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Set up world-class enterprise,Build century Dafabet官方网站


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Dafabet官方网站 STEEL has been more than 20 years.
In the process of more than 20 years' development.We get care
and love from superior leaders and social sectors.In this,I do
represent Dafabet官方网站 STEEL to extend our best wishes and sincere thanks
to all friends concern and support the development of Dafabet官方网站 STEEL!





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Only if there is first-class design,there will be first-class products.As far as science and technology innovation and technological progress are concerned, the enterprise closely has relied on China metallurgical Planning Institute,China First Heavy Machinery Group and China Metallurgical Jingcheng Engineering Technology Co.,Ltd.The enterprise development planning,technology and equipment level have reached the domestic leading level.