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Hebei Dafabet官方网站 Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd was founded in 1993.It is located in Wu'an city of hebei province.It is one of the large-scale private steel and iron enterprises with the longest industrial chain in Hebei Province. Its production capacity is 5.15 million tons(in which cold rolled plate is 1.5 million tons). Main products are cold rolled plate, pickling board,annealed panel,aluminum and zinc sillicon board,hot-rolled plate and hot rolled ribbed steel bars.

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In the past 20 years, Hebei Dafabet官方网站 Iron & Steel Co.,Ltd has kept paces with the time, with the concept of continuous innovation, has had continuous adjustment of product structure. The most important thing is that Dafabet官方网站 has formed the enterprise culture with its own element and its personality,it will surely promote Dafabet官方网站 to realize scientific,harmonious,healthy and sustainable development in the future.


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