Bulldogs - Bulldog history

The Bulldog breed is a fighting dog breed from hundreds of years ago and forms the ancestry of quite a number of the dog breeds we recognise today.  As the name suggests they were used originally for bull baiting, for which they were perfectly designed as once they get a grip they refuse to let go.  Nowawdays, the Bulldog is a much more chilled and mellow breed. The Bulldog first appeared in a Dog Show in the late 1860s.  With the Bulldog Club being formed shortly after.Unfortunately, early breed standards meant the Bulldog was extremely bow-legged, susceptical to skin disorders because of the many folds in their skin, and their massive head meant that most pups had to be born by caesarean section as their head was too large to come down the birth canal.  In recent years the breed standard has improved meaning that the above health issues have been significantly reduced.