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The Bulldog comes under the Utility breed classification of the UK Kennel Club.  This breed has what is known as a brachycephalic shaped head, meaning it is broad at the bottom and fairly short in length.   Their nose is upturned and they have wrinkly skin on their head.  They have an overshot lower jaw which means it is longer than their top jaw.  The Bulldog is a chunky, squat dog with a wide chest and has a characteristic waddle when it walks.  They come in a variety of colours, but the more common are fawn with patches of white or vice versa, as well as various shades and markings in between.

They are very well recognised breed and have been used to great effect advertising a well-known insurance company in UK, and basically anything considered to be typically British.  Whilst abroad in warmer countries frequented by the British, you will see its picture adorned with the UK Union Flag, and is probably the most characterized breed of dog.  It is affectionately known as the British Bulldog in the UK and is a term often used to describe a burly, chunky, stubborn person from the UK, in particular, Sir Winston Churchill, UK Prime Minster during World War II.

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